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Photo courtesy of Intrepidus

Darshana Raja

At a young age, I loved the idea of creating something out of nothing; of holding something that was seemingly disconnected, out of place - even forgotten - and resurrecting it, giving it new life and purpose. Although I have created pieces in ceramic, granite. terrazzo, and glass, I have been inspired in this past decade to work more with wood and metal that were destined for bonfires and scrap heaps and repurposing them as works of art. Not only do I love the challenge of working with other peoples’ discards, but also, it serves as a reminder to me - and hopefully others - that everything has value. 


These pieces further push the boundaries in movement. This body of work is larger in scale, assertive and dynamic. They are an energetic rhythm to chaos with multiple possibilities. Their fragmented shards slash into space, yet these unstructured structures have a strong core and are anchored within a steady, even paced framework.

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